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28th July 2021 

At the time when therapy seems to be getting more technical and impersonal I am determined to provide therapy on what I believe to be the fundamental principle of therapeutic healing - "Let the client matter to you". Psychological theories and clinical experience are important but the fact remains that in essence therapeutic work can only be successful if the relationship between the therapist and the client is one of trust, care, openness and honesty. My ability to relate, connect on a deep level with another coupled with my life and professional experiences make my therapy sessions subjective and evolving with the pace of client.

Hence my style of working is dialogical and interactive in nature and the aim is to tailor therapy around client's unique needs and difficulties. Through dialogue, active engagement, and collaboration we will examine the issues of concerns in a multilayered fashion taking into consideration past experiences, current circumstances and desires for the future.

As a practitioner I employ an integrative approach that includes existential and cognitive behavioural approaches utilised in such a way to promote compassionate understanding and effective acceptance of psychological realities. Ultimately the focus of the work is on subjective experience, supporting clients in becoming aware of their strengths, face their emotions and thoughts without being overwhelmed by them, to develop a deep and committed love for themselves beyond superficial, and to find the meaning of life, that what is life worth living.
As the existential approach conceptualise distress not as a mental illness but as difficulties in living that stem from our inherently relational nature and as there are a lot of possibilities for relating to the world and ourselves I believe that it can be more to therapy than "cure" or "repair" us from our anxiety, sadness or guilt; therapy can, also, confront us with our possibilities too, and help us to live meaningful and fulfilled lives.